Peruvian Sour

Peruvian Sour

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This cocktail is made in Antwerp. Bring the pleasure of gastronomic and alcohol-free enjoyment to you!

What's in the box:

  • Exclusive Hoja Sante garnish (for 6 serves)
  • Perfect serve guide booklet
  • A citrus-forward sour cocktail. Sweet and sour flavours of lime, citrus fruits, supported by fresh botanical flavours. 
  • Alcohol-free and gastronomic cocktail
  • 6 serves (700ml)
  • Serve immediately or within 7 days

Flavour palette
The bottled cocktail Bôtan Peruvian Sour combines deep flavours of distilled citrus-forward botanicals and lime. Underlying you taste complex flavours of Peruvian herbs as Huacatay (round and sweet dimensions of mint) and Hoja Santa (an indescribable discovery). This alcohol-free cocktail has, similar to the classic version of a Pisco Sour, a light mouth feeling and stimulates your appetite. 

How to serve
This gastronomic cocktail is ready to be served in a low glass or coupe glass.

  • Fill a cocktail shaker with 5 ice cubes
  • Add 1 serve (110ml) Bôtan Peruvian Sour 
  • Shake 30 seconds or till ice-cold
  • Strain and pour out into the coupe glass filled with ice
  • Enjoy!

Serving temperature
Keep this gastronomic cocktail refrigerated. Before serving, chill both your bottle and your glasses in the freezer.


The creation process 
Starting from the citrus notes and tingly sansho pepper of our exclusive spirit Citrus Spice, we were inspired to create a 'Sour' cocktail with clean citrus flavours and no alcohol.

This sophisticated cocktail is infused with Hoja Santa leafs and Peruvian Huacatay grown in our Belgian terroir. Hoja Santa has complex flavour notes of anise, eucalyptus, nutmeg and tarragon, whereas Huacatay adds a round and sweet dimension of mint. Combined, these herbal flavours collide perfect with the citrus-forward punchy characteristics of our Citrus Spice blend.

Together with Paul Morel, we’ve created a Peruvian Sour cocktail with unparalleled flavour. The sweet and sour flavours of fresh lime support the citrus-forward botanicals.

This limited bottled cocktail is the result of an intense collaboration between Atelier Paul Morel and Bôtan Distillery. The idea behind this collaboration is to bring the pleasure of non-alcoholic drinking in one ready-to-drink bottle at your place. 

We ship your order within 24 hours. If you're willing to serve this cocktail at New Year's eve, I recommend choosing local pick-up. You're welcome every working day between 9h and 17h. Orders from outside Belgium will be shipped immediately using the international postal services.