Juniper Garden

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A rich herbal blend with notes of thyme, rosemary blossoms & wild junipers.

500ml · 9 single distilled premium herbs & flowers

Tasting notes

Nose →
Welcoming Mediterranean herbs

Palette →

Flowers of thyme, rosemary, chamomile, followed by the deep rich flavour of white grapes and wild juniper berries (the ingredient which gives gin its typical flavour)

Finish →

Subtle aromatic bitters followed by sweet notes of mountain honey


Bôtan Juniper Garden celebrates the Belgian distilling tradition and the rich, vibrant history of Mediterranean food scene. Traditional Mediterranean green herbs make the blend rich and voluminous, while wild juniper berries add sharpness. This blend celebrates the oldest distilled drink in Belgium, jenever, which is made from ‘jeneverbes’ or juniper berries. Though, most people will recognise the flavour of juniper berries from gin.


A strong natural spirit

  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavours
  • No sugar or sweeteners 
  • No alcohol - not even before or during production 
  • Plant-based & vegan 
  • Craft spirit, made in Antwerp
  • 500ml / good for up to 20 nolow cocktails (the spirit is strong)