Replace alcohol with a strong herbal distillate

B么tan is the first 100% natural non-alcoholic spirit. Make your regular gin tonic or cocktail, without alcohol, with intense and powerful flavours.

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100% natural spirits

Read the back of your bottle non-alcoholic spirit <3

Our blends contain no artificial flavours, no preservatives, no e-numbers and no sugar.

Intense harvested herbs

B么tan is a pure and clear distillate made of high-quality herbs, flowers and blossoms. One bottle of B么tan contains a distilled blend from 350 grams of fresh herbs.

Easy nolow cocktails

Give your nolow drink an herbal punch and deep character with the spirits of B么tan. Your trusted gin tonic, a basil smash or a bloody mary?

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How to enjoy B么tan?

With B么tan, you can make a simple highball cocktail by combining 25ml of B么tan, 100ml of soda water, topped with a squeeze of lime.

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The definition of a true living drink

鈥榃hat would happen if we distill herbs, blend them together and add nothing else?鈥

B么tan is a smart distillery of non-alcoholic spirits blended from distilled organic flowers and herbs. After more than two years of research, we know the formula for a 100% natural spirit.

By harvesting, distilling and blending herbs, we create intense and complex spirits without alcohol. Comparable with the proces of natural wines, we add no flavour additives, no preservatives and no sugar during or after our production process. #beyondcategory

B么tan is for those who are leading, not following.